During this social media era, taking photos has become a part of everyday life. If you’ve recently been to a wedding or a birthday party, you most likely came across a photo booth. You would know when there’s a photo booth at the event when you notice a long line filled with people waiting for their turn to pose for the camera. Photo booths are up and coming and have been becoming popular at social events. Here are five reasons why a photo booth is a must have for your next event:


A photo booth is different than a standard photo shoot. It allows guests to release their inner fun/silly side. With various fun filled props to choose from, guests are entertained during their time at the photo booth. Some photo booths offer features such as boomerang, gifs, green screen and video which adds to the fun photo booth experience your guests will have. 

Creating Memories

Memories are created at the photo booth. Most companies offer unlimited photos and prints which your guests will more than likely take advantage of. By having a photo booth at your event, you allow your guests to take home a memorable keepsake from your event. With our Salsa Booth, your guests have the option to receive their photo via text or email and have the ability to post their photos on their social media accounts for everyone to see. Essentially, photo booths are great to have for your guests to remember your special event by. 

Fun For All Ages

No matter what age, from kids to adults, photo booths are meant for everyone to use. You’re never too old to have fun. It is a great way to break the ice for all ages. There’s something about putting on a fun prop and standing in front of a camera. It brings out the fun in everyone. Your guests will be entertained throughout your event. 


Photo booths are a great addition to add to your themed event. You can customize to match your style from the design of the photo template, to the backdrop, to the LED lights on our Modern Booth and Social Booths. In addition, you can have props for your guests to use that go with your theme. Some companies offer far more customization such as adding decals to the booth and having a custom slideshow/video displayed on the booth. 

Ice Breaker

Photo booths are great icebreakers for events. It is a conversation starter; either while waiting in line, during photo booth session or after the session as guests get to show off their photos to others. 

No Matter What your next event is, our premium photo booths will help you and your guests capture the memories. We work with you to provide a full custom and premium experience that everyone will be talking about long after the day is done.